The Lyfted SAAS Platform

Lyfted has been a trusted partner of cannabis brands, cultivators, and retailers since 2015. We pioneered the LAAS offering for the industry, and continue to innovate with new products like our predictive route algorithm. Mobile ordering app, and driver app for deploying and managing a fleet of drivers compliantly.

We're building the most advanced, secure cannabis distribution, on demand logistics platform, inventory & patient management, and receivables marketplace.

Brands and Cultivators you know and trust

Order the cannabis brands you love and discover new favorites

Lyfted for Brands and Cultivators

Lyfted offers 24/7 exposure to hundreds of retailers and manufacturers. Generate more sales and sample request from new and existing clients by getting your products directly in front of purchasing managers.

Lyfted for Distributors

Logistics As A Service (LAAS)

Lyfted for distributors is your On Demand Fleet of state compliant vehicles and drivers ready to deliver your goods to 90% of California's metro markets in 24 hours or less.

For Distributors Less Overhead, More Revenue

Lyfted provides access to a network of customers needing product or source materials for manufacturing. Our technology makes the sales and logistics process easy. You can now do more work in less time, reduce unnecessary coordination, provide customers with a better experience, and ultimately grow your distribution business.

Lyfted for Retailers

Save up to 8 hours per week shopping your favorite brands in one cart. Updates on order status in real-time eliminates hours of email and phone call hassle. The best part is, Lyfted is free for retailers!

Developer friendly API for ?integrating into your website, ?and applications.

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