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Cannabis Delivery Specialist (Master)


Apply to drive for a licensed cannabis retailer in your area using the Lyfted platform. As a delivery specialist, you'll earn a guaranteed hourly wage, plus mileage reimbursement, for delivering legal cannabis products to consumers in your area. Delivery specialists typically make between $17 - $26 per hour between wage and mileage reimbursement (earnings vary depending on location).

This is a great opportunity to get experience in the burgeoning cannabis industry, and help improve people's lives by increasing access to high quality, safe, and legal cannabis products.


The following are the basic requirements for being a delivery driver for a licensed cannabis retailer:

- Must be 21+ years old

- Must have vehicle that is 2004 or newer

- Must have a valid driver's license

- Must be on the registration of the car

- Must have insurance in your name

- Must be willing to consent to a criminal background check

*Important disclaimer: this is not a solicitation to work for Lyfted. You will be employed by a licensed, local cannabis retailer that uses Lyfted technologies to fulfill delivery orders from consumers. The licensed retailer that employs you may have additional qualifications above these basic requirements.

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